Interview with Danny on Reddit

KMI founder and 30+ year veteran of Krav Maga, Danny Zelig, is holding an “Ask me Anything” (AMA) interview on the social news site Reddit. He’ll be answering questions for another day or so, so get in there and ask away! The AMA is being held in the /r/kravmaga subreddit. Registration is free and required to ask questions.

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  1. Rose Valentine

    Admittedly, I am behind the times. …not on reddit or anything really (nor am I intersted to be honest)so I hope this reaches you. Though I have been slacking going to the gym the last few weeks due to many life circumstances, I never forget and always cherish the broad spectrum of training and tutelage I have recieved under Danny, and many others at and through KMI. Not only krav specifically, but things I have learned and applied to all aspects of life as well as my other disciplines. Try as I might, I can not put into words how grateful I am, or the amazing impact Danny and KMI have been to my life. All of that being said though Danny…we love you but I have to give a huge shout out to Jeremy Brown who was my very first instructor. Because of him I did love and felt like I took to krav immediately, he spent and incredible amount of time training me and it was that time, effort, and hospitality to begin with and over the years gave me the drive and confidence to believe in myself and do things I did not think possible. Lastly, I realize this was for questions….I don’t actually have any. I just wanted to say all of that.


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