February Newsletter

The year is getting off to a great start! We are extremely grateful for and impressed by the KMI community. You really demonstrated your support, hard work, and generosity this month! Just a few days ago, we held a successful fundraiser to benefit the shelter animals in Oakland, and you donated over $1,000 to help those animals in need! We had a wonderful turn out at our two Grand Opening events in Santa Clara and Oakland. Spirits were high and the sweat was dripping on both days. Thank you for getting the word out! We also had a packed Tactical Medicine seminar for members of Law Enforcement, and a sold out set of ITPS and ITPS Instructor Certification seminars! Congratulations to the newest ITPS Instructors!

So that one may walk in peace…



To our newest Israeli Tactical Point Shooting Instructors:

Jeremy Brown
Josh Carvalho
Nelson Espiritu
Cal Garbini
Andrew Gross
Opher Har-El
Alfonso Jimenez
Jeff Wood

Pictures from January’s Events

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The Unknown Pioneers of Krav Maga

Article by Danny Zelig

In every discipline throughout time, each generation of students stands on the shoulders of their instructors. Many of those instructors will go unremembered unless they had the drive to seek recognition. I had the fortune of training with some exceptional yet unknown instructors over my time, and I want share with you some stories about a few of them. These are people who I consider to be part of the many unknown pioneers of Krav Maga—those who were training and teaching Krav Maga in the late 70s and early 80s in Israel. [Read more]

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The first of the STOP! Women’s Self Defense workshops comes in March with a focus on self defense in public places.

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