Kfir Cohen’s Seminars: Open to the Public!

As you probably have seen from our other recent posts, expert instructor Kfir Cohen will be in from Israel to teach 4 seminars this month. What you may not know is that all of these seminars are open to the public!

Jan 21: Bodyguard/Third Party Protection with MilSim (AirSoft). Used in the field to protect VIPs, these techniques are just as applicable to protecting family members. This course offers the added element of Glock-style MilSim weapons with gun, holster, eye/face protection provided while utilizing Tactica HQ’s modular “situation room”.

Jan 22: Tactical Pistol Close-Quarter Battle. Getting full use of the Tactica HQ facilities, this course will build tactical (MilSim/AirSoft) pistol handling skills under stress and within close quarters. All equipment provided!

Jan 24: Control/Arrest/Lead. De-escalation, minimal force, heightened control. This course moves through the de-escalation process through the force continuum, using physical manipulation and defensive Krav Maga techniques while minimizing and injury to your opponent as much as possible. An especially great class for anyone who works in the law enforcement or security industry, a mental health care and/or rehabilitation facility, a bar/nightclub, etc.

Jan 25: Military Krav Maga. Learn and train Krav Maga the way the IDF train. Military Krav Maga is very different from the Civilian Krav Maga that we train in regularly at Tactica – KMI. This is authentic Israeli Military Krav Maga from an IDF certified Krav Maga instructor. All experience levels welcome.

Want a discount? Register for all 4 events and get 10% off! Contact us if you have any questions about the registration process or any of the seminars. We look forward to seeing you there!

Open to all experience levels, non-members, and the general public.

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