Congratulations to the Newest Krav Maga Instructors!

With members of our KMI family from New York and Colorado, we minted the newest KMI certified Krav Maga Instructors in September 2014. After completing both phases of our Krav Maga Instructor Certification program, covering 18 full days of training … Continued

Self-Training for Survival

“If it can happen, it will happen.” – Murphy’s Law (variation) Our reality is changing. With the rise of global communication, the world has become smaller. We are now exposed to a greater variety of events, thoughts, and risks than … Continued

How aware are you?

I want to share a training tip with you today. This is something I do regularly, and I think you could benefit from it as well. First, a bit of context. We are witnessing an increase of terror attacks in … Continued

Interview with Danny on Reddit

KMI founder and 30+ year veteran of Krav Maga, Danny Zelig, is holding an “Ask me Anything” (AMA) interview on the social news site Reddit. He’ll be answering questions for another day or so, so get in there and ask … Continued

Searching for Krav Maga

I have heard many questions from eager students over the years. What has changed from the early years of the system to the current day? There are so many Krav Maga organizations and federations now – so where can you get … Continued

Israeli Martial Arts: A Brief Timeline

Dr. Grinberg holds a Ph.D. in History and currently serves as the Head of the Krav Maga and Riot Division of the Israeli Police Department. He is a veteran of the IDF where he served in a Special Operations unit, … Continued

March Newsletter

As we look forwards into March, we’d like to say a quick thanks to everyone who worked hard in the last month! Make sure you check out pictures and video from our sold-out Gun Defense Seminar in Santa Clara. We’d also like … Continued

Pictures of G-level training at KMI

With the KMIC Phase 1 coming up in just a couple weeks, it’s good to reflect on the importance of training at every level. Every good instructor considers themselves to be perpetual students—There is always more to know, and always … Continued

February Newsletter

The year is getting off to a great start! We are extremely grateful for and impressed by the KMI community. You really demonstrated your support, hard work, and generosity this month! Just a few days ago, we held a successful … Continued

The Unknown Pioneers of Krav Maga

Who else can you name beyond Imi? Danny Zelig, a 30+ year veteran of Krav Maga shares stories about some lesser known instructors who had influence on the early days of Krav Maga in Israel. In every discipline throughout time, … Continued

January Newsletter

Hello, New Year! We are ready, scanning, and looking forward to an explosive new year, bursting with action and activities! Our 2014 calendar is already looking chock-full of exciting events. Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletters, and watch our website … Continued