Kendra Katz

Kendra Katz is a Certified Personal Trainer who brings a whole body approach to her work with curvy women, dancers, and people suffering from injuries. Her mission is to help you have fun while achieving your goals whether they are to lose weight, recover from an injury, become stronger, be pain free, gain muscle, or have more energy. She brings a unique ability to assess people’s bodies and see where they are out of alignment based on her 15 years as a dancer, and dance instructor. Kendra is currently training at various facilities and in private homes throughout the Bay Area.


  • Oakland

    A bright and airy 3000 sq ft Krav Maga training facility right on the water on the Embarcadero in Oakland. Enjoy a jog along the water, or a coffee on the grass next to the yachts after training! We offer … Continued