Rose Valentine

A bay area native, Rose joined KMI in 2011. She became instantly hooked and began training extensively under Danny Zelig, Jeremy Brown, and Deanna Perez. After testing up to P4 she then continued training in Krav Maga until she had earned her G1 and instructor certification in 2014. Now back at Tactica – KMI, Rose continued through her KMIC Instructor Certification and even further on to teach as the Tactica – KMI San Francisco Site Director. Certified by KMG and Tactica-Krav Maga Institute, a practioner  since 2011, Rose trained extensively under Danny Zelig and other top instructors and she focuses on highly practical, no-nonsense solutions. Rose has extensive  experience teaching all age levels and is available for private instruction and workshops. Outside of Krav Maga, Rose is an avid and lifelong equestrian with extensive experience training horses and humans of all ages and currently competes in the upper levels of dressage.