Stephen Grillos

As a songwriter and performer, emotions have always been Stephen’s jet fuel. But at a certain point, that fuel started to burn him up and burn him out. Half broken, he found Tactica in 2016 and began training with Danny. Stephen had studied Krav Maga before, earning his Level 2 from Krav Maga World Wide in 2007, but it was the philosophy that Danny sprinkled throughout his classes Stephen saw as the great differentiator in the way Krav Maga was taught at Tactica. It was this philosophy that began to permeate his daily life. This training was far more valuable than defending oneself from random acts of violence. Wanting to learn as much about Krav Maga and the Tactica philosophy, Stephen joined the KMIC Program in 2017. As a coach, Stephen has focused his classes on building fundamental skills and reinforcing the core principles of the Self-Defense Mindset. How the philosophy is linked to the physical drills and techniques we train on the mat, and how this mindset can engender self-reliance both in a self-defense scenario and in our daily lives.