Krav Maga Weapons Defenses – Fundraiser for Anova School

We at Tactica are devastated for our neighbors who have lost lives and property to fires in Napa, Sonoma, and across California. We want to help.
The proceeds from this discounted 3 hour Krav Maga Weapons Defense Seminar will all be donated to the Anova School’s Phoenix Campaign for the ACE Sonoma Campus. Anova School serves youth and young adults who have Autism and the entire school, its contents, and a newly-delivered $75,000 playground structure were demolished by the wildfires that raged through the area.
100% of any donations made in addition to the event registrations will also go to the Anova School’s Phoenix Campaign.

Krav Maga Weapons Defenses

Lead Instructor Danny Zelig will lead this three-hour seminar through various scenarios involving threats and attacks with weapons, including firearms and knives. You will move through situational awareness drills into addressing armed attackers and escalating threats.


No previous experience required – all are welcome and invited to attend! Contact us for more details or to send a donation in lieu of attendance.

(Must be 18+ or 14+ with parent/guardian)

Let’s show our Sonoma neighbors what our Tactica community is made of!

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