Searching for Krav Maga

I have heard many questions from eager students over the years. What has changed from the early years of the system to the current day? There are so many Krav Maga organizations and federations now – so where can you get authentic Krav Maga training? Is there an official authority for Krav Maga in Israel? Most of these questions center on the purity or authenticity of Krav Maga, and whether or not change is good for the system. In this article, I will try to answer these questions and more.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga was created by Imi Lichtenfeld in the 1950s, evolving from the Kapap techniques that he taught to underground organizations and later the Haganah. You can read more about the details of the formation of Krav Maga in our article “Israeli Martial Arts: A Brief Timeline.” Since the 1950s, Krav Maga has been taught to members of the Israel Defense Forces. In the late 1970s to early 1980s, Krav Maga started to be taught to civilians in various parts of Israel. Soon after, Krav Maga expanded outside of the borders of Israel and has become popular all over the world, and for the right reasons: Practicality, efficiency, and results.

Krav Maga from past to present is consistent on a few key points:

  • No rules, no katas or forms. It has only one goal: self defense.
  • Aggression and speed of response.
  • Reliance on simplicity and instinct.
  • Get results and prevail.

These characteristics were true even in Kapap, which Imi himself learned, taught, and later evolved into Krav Maga. imi-slider3

How has Krav Maga changed?

In the early days of the system, Krav Maga was influenced by different styles of martial arts like Karate, Judo, Aikido, and more. This was simply because the instructors of that time came from martial arts backgrounds and they integrated parts of those styles into the system. You can see some this influence in the use of gis and belts for grading.

Imi, the founder of Krav Maga, was a boxer and a wrestler, not a martial artist. Krav Maga evolved over the years as the fighting styles also evolved, and as culture and societal threats changed. Some styles of Krav Maga (yes there are different styles of Krav Maga these days) maintained the old martial arts mannerisms and training methods, while some evolved to be current, sophisticated, and updated.

Many changes and refinements have been good, while other changes evolve the original Israeli Krav Maga into something else. Some groups have added more techniques in order to be different from other Krav Maga organizations, or just for flash and pop appeal. Even though this might make Krav Maga “more mainstream,” these changes are a drift away from the core and essence of Krav Maga.

Is there a governing body or central authority for Krav Maga?

Over the years, I have been asked the same question: There are so many organizations, federations, and styles of Krav Maga in Israel and elsewhere, so who is the governing authority in Krav Maga in Israel? What is the highest authority of Krav Maga? The answer is that in the civilian sector, there is none. Each federation definitely wants to be “The One,” but no federation is. Remember, in Israel, any individual can rent the Wingate Institute to hold training courses. The Wingate Institute itself is not an official authority of Krav Maga. The only authority for Krav Maga is within the Military and Law Enforcement sector in Israel.

Where should I train in Krav Maga?

Some students are distressed to see that there are so many options for Krav Maga federations and organizations, and are confused when lawsuits are filed or when their own schools change allegiances or affiliations over time. You must remember that every martial art federation is a business, and as with any business, friendships and allegiances change. Some changes are motivated by personal ambition, or by interpersonal differences or business disagreements. This has nothing to do with Krav Maga and is just the nature of business.

Given that the majority of Krav Maga practitioners will never have the opportunity to train as a soldier in the IDF or as an officer at the Israeli Police Academy, this leads us to the next common question: Where should I train in Krav Maga? What is the best Krav Maga organization? What is the best Krav Maga school? The answer is not with an organization. It is with the Instructor. You can find great instructors in all the organizations, and unfortunately also bad ones. Just because an instructor seems to have an impressive resume doesn’t mean that that resume is real, or that they are an effective instructor. Try a class or two before you commit, and look for these signs.


A good Krav Maga instructor understands the importance of his or her work. He is a fulltime and passionate practitioner of Krav Maga — not a “Weekend” practitioner. A good Krav Maga instructor must be humble, skilled, and caring, and must be able to effectively transfer his knowledge to all types of students. A good Krav Maga instructor truly knows and understand the philosophy of the system and its elements. A good Krav Maga instructor also knows his limits and strives to be the best he can be.

A good Krav Maga instructor builds his students’ mental ability (building a fighter character that can deal with different types of stress, building will and inner strength); provides strong physical techniques (building from simple to more complicated moves and scenarios, while always maintaining the rule that the solution needs to be simpler than the problem); and teaches his students to get results by combining the above in order to prevail in the face of challenges.


What are some warning signs?

Lack of focus – One of the amazing things with the Krav Maga approach is that techniques can be learned relatively fast. Unfortunately, this can lead to a different problem with training. Krav Maga practitioners want to learn a technique and then quickly continue to the next technique. Repetition starts to be neglected and the result is practitioners who are familiar with techniques but a poor ability to execute those techniques. Repetition, patience, and discipline is needed in order to be able to execute proper technique. A world champion cannot stop training if he wishes to continue winning, and neither can we stop training. A good instructor must not jump from topic to topic and needlessly follow fads. A good instructor will focus on repetition and continued training, both for his students and for himself. The techniques themselves won’t save your life — its the repetition of the techniques that turns technique into the instinct that will save your life.

Treating civilians like soldiers and vice versa – There are three divisions of Krav Maga: Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian. Each one of these divisions has different goals and mindsets which should not be mixed. For example, training a civilian like a soldier will put the practitioner’s life at risk. The methods of teaching each of these three divisions are different and should not be mixed, no matter what one’s ego and vanity might wish.

Too much ego – For every kind of instructor and teacher, balancing ego is a challenge. An instructor and coach necessarily has authority, and knows something the student doesn’t know. But that doesn’t make the instructor superior. If you see things like “We are the best and only authentic source,” consider the intent behind those words carefully. Ego also makes instructors careless, often encouraging students to do techniques beyond their level without regard for safety in training, or without proper focus on the basics.

As I covered in my article on “Loyalty in the Martial Arts World,” you should always keep questioning. There are many incredible instructors out there. You just have to keep exploring until you find them. I found many unknown and unsung instructors over my 30+ years in Krav Maga, and if you keep looking, you will find your own.

I am sure there are more questions and issues to cover, but the first step is to ignore the politics and just start training!

So that one may walk in peace.

Danny Zelig


21 Responses to “Searching for Krav Maga”

  1. Mike Doane

    I am a 50 year old male who has osteoarthritis in my right thumb but physically active. I am interested in taking Krav Maga for self-defense and to protect my family. Can middle-aged people benefit from Krav Maga? I live in San Francisco, CA. Can you recommend a Krav Maga instructor? Thank you.

  2. Bobby Gordon

    I live in the Chico California area and am looking to find a good instructor. I would like to become an instructor in time myself. Do you know where I might find a place reputable in my area? I have had a hard time finding anything and want to make sure I’m learning correctly as krav maga is not something I’ve trained in before. Thank you for your time

    • KMI Team

      Hi Bobby,

      Thank you for your comment. We don’t have any referrals to Krav Maga schools in the Chico area. We’d be glad to have you training with us in the Bay Area whenever you might have some time to come spend a weekend or a few days. Best of luck to you in your search for excellent Krav Maga training! When you’re ready, we’d love to have you in our instructor course.

      Best regards,
      KMI Team

  3. Abhay

    I am from India, Delhi. I want to join Krava Magha and am searching f or a good instructor. Any recommendations?

    • KMI Team

      Hi Abhay, Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry but we do not have any referrals for Delhi at this time. Best of luck to you in your search for excellent Krav Maga training!

  4. Allen Nelson

    Interested to learn more about Krav Maga discipline. Unfortunately I live in a place where it’s not offered – Saipan. My question is can I learn or begin to learn techniques on line?
    Thank you.

    • KMI Team

      Hi Allen, Thanks for your inquiry. We’re so happy to hear of your enthusiasm, despite the availability of training in your area. We will be resuming our Technique of Month videos soon, but nothing can match in person training. Please do come look us up when you are in the US or Israel. We’d be happy to set up intensive training for you during your visit. Best regards.

  5. Todd

    Hi I am currently in Krav in the Sacramento area, I am interested in your Colorado Winter training I am also curious if you have any referrals for Sacramento area Krav instructors. My schedule would’t allow travel to the Bay Area at this time. Thank you for your time.

  6. lee rosenbloom

    Looking for a good instructor in the balt md area

  7. Namit Singh Ramkoosalsing

    Hi i come from mauritius island and i would like to know where is the best place to learn krav maga and also how long it take to master this art of self defence. im planning to come to America to become a fitness instructor and i also wanted to learn krav maga. Any information from your side would be very much helpful for me in choosing which state should i go. Thank you

  8. Patricia

    I really appreciate this article!

    I am a beginner looking for a great instructor in Houston, Texas. I have three places on my list to check out and will defiantly look for what you recommend.

    Do you by chance know of anyone in the Houston area?

    Many thanks,

  9. Jose A

    Hi I live in Chico ca and me qnd a couple others want to learn krav maga do you know anyone near by that has classes?

  10. george

    Hi i live in yuma arizona I’m looking for a kravmaga school and hopefully become an instructor some day do you have any recommendations thank you

  11. ryan

    I’m looking for krav maga in Fresno ca are there any good instructors here

  12. Willi

    I am currently living in Sao Paulo, training Krav Maga under the FSAKM which if it were translated it would stand for Krav Maga Association of South America. I am at the moment searching for a new career opportunity to move to south Florida. Could you send me a list of good gyms where I could possibly continue learning Krav Maga in South Florida.

  13. miguel

    Hey I am currently looking at jkd and krav maga schools in los angeles can you point me toward a good instructor im leaning more towards krav maga but still want to see what the hype is about jkd

  14. Jeff

    I am interested in learning Krav Maga. I am a reserve police officer and always wanted to learn martial arts, and I keep getting drown to the style of Krav Maga in my research. I want to find an authentic instructor here in the Louisville Ky area, not someone who is full of crap and rip me off my hard earned money. You know anyone you recommend?

    • M.

      Hello Jeff,
      Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, we are not familiar with Krav Maga instructors in the Louisville KY area (although we wish we knew someone to recommend to you). If you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods, definitely stop by and come take a class at our state-of-the-art tactical training center! Thank you and we wish you the best of luck finding a great trainer in your area.
      – Tactica-KMI Team

  15. Mona

    I just search classes for Krav Maga, like to protect myself and was looking for lessons like for one or two times in a week.
    But now I see here, that it’s more for Security personal and I just making Volunteer here in Israel.

    But maybe you can help me, to say where has some classes in or near to Haifa.

    Thank you very much 🙂


  16. Rob

    I’m looking into starting Krav Maga and getting to Oakland isn’t a possibility for me currently. There are 2 schools near me one is based on curriculum from Krav Maga Alliance and the other is being trained by REKM. Is there a big difference between these curriculums vs what is being taught at Krav Maga Institute?
    Thanks in advanced.


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