About Multiple Attackers

Here are the videos that we discussed during the Multiple Attacker seminar. Remember that these videos can be difficult to watch, but it is important to be aware of real behavior in these types of situations.

Fight 1
Fight 2
Fight 3
Fight 4

Lessons learned:

  • You have to keep on moving. Standing in one place and exchanging strikes may prove itself to be very dangerous.
  • Be aware of ego demands to stand and exchange punches, while the proper solution is to move away while striking.
  • You must engage a high level of awareness because attackers can come from unknown directions.
  • Use of common objects will be very effective.
  • Plan an escape route.
  • Threats are not only from the attacker himself or herself. Threats can come from the environment. For example, uneven ground can cause loss of balance and can influence the outcome drastically.
  • Falling to the ground increases the danger and severity of the situation, and increases risk for loss of life.
  • Be aware of your environment, in particular vehicles moving or stopped.
  • Do not expect any outside help, as doing so will weaken you mentally and your ability to deal with the problem.

Remember, if you are able to recognize a potential threat in advance, please avoid the situation and change your route. Prevention is our first line of defense.


3 Responses to “About Multiple Attackers”

  1. brian

    you really have to expect the worst huh. thanks for the videos.

  2. don rendall

    Danny, god advice on preventing the situation by avoidance, keep moving when there is more than one attacker and not to let your ego get the best of you to stand still and exchange punches.


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