A story from a KMI student

A P2 student of ours sent us this incredible story in 2010.

I was at Jack in the Box on Market and 1st in the city with a friend. We had just got done eating and my friend was near the garbage cans throwing his stuff away, when this guy walks in with his wife and two kids. He immediately started being rude and belligerent towards my friend. I noticed that the guy was reaching in his pocket the whole time and trying to get in close to my friend that was trying to totally back down. The guy wasn’t taking no for an answer. I got up from the table where I was sitting and walked over to the garbage cans to see what was going on. I asked my friend if he was ready to leave he said yes, but the guy kept on trying to walk up on my buddy. I then turned around and told him to step back and that we didn’t want any trouble. The guy then said to me I know you aren’t going to get involved in this. I said “I don’t want to, but I will if I have to.”

The guy started trying to intimidate me and get close to me and then I told him to stay back and that what ever he had to say to me could be said from right where you are (He was still reaching in his pocket). I reached in my pocket to get my cell phone and call the police Unfortunately it was out of power and then he said why don’t you step outside, knowing that would have been a huge mistake. I told him no and that if you want to do something to me you are going to have to do it right here. He then made a lunge at me. I threw a kick towards the family jewels and the guy backed up shocked. I then stepped back and made sure that I had room to maneuver and was looking around to make sure that no one else was coming. My friend was kind of in shock so I pushed him away to make sure the nut job didn’t get to him as well. His eyes were all glassed over and his pupils were dilated, so I knew he was strung out on something. No one was calling the cops, I couldn’t run because who knew who or what he had outside, so I then decided that I was left with no other options.

The guy kept on trying to get in close so I backed up dropped into an outlet stance and threw a straight. He stepped back and charged, he was trying to bull rush me. I saw that he had pulled out the knife he tried to thrust stab twice I used inside defense he caught me with the tip nothing else.. I caught him with a right hook that shook him pretty good. I then tried to step out to the right to try and get control of his knife hand but he started rushing again but I saw his girl there trying to attack my buddy for no reason. I knew that I did not want to turn my back on her, so I stood my ground. The guy was swinging wildly at my midsection. I threw a 360 defense but missed his wrist and hit the joint so his arm bent and went around the block. I took a knife shot to the side but thanks to that technique I was able to minimize how deep the attack penetrated. I got his arm and the knife out of my side and then went for side control. I pushed his head down and and was wailing on the guy and hitting him in the back of the neck just like we do in class. His girl jumped on me cause I was getting the better of him, and I slipped in my own blood.

Thanks to being able to use the ground defense techniques that we learn I was able to get up real quick and protect myself at the same time. Then it was just like the aggression drills that we do in class. I was right back on him striking. Kicked him in the family jewels and his head went back down so I went back to side control. I was like this guy isn’t going to stop so I then started gouging and tearing at his eyes mouth and nose and anything else I could get my hands on. I just wasn’t going to stop till either I was dead or he stopped moving. His girl tried to jump in again but I was scanning and saw her coming. I then turned on her and I guess she was so surprised that I saw her coming she stopped in her tracks. I got my hand on the knife and then went after her with it. Needless to say I was bleeding pretty bad. They ran at that point but I was also kind of prepared for the aftermath, I knew that I had to treat myself quick and try to keep from bleeding out, lol as a matter of fact I was the one keeping my friend calm because he was panicking about the blood. I got napkins and got pressure on the wound and got some of the witnesses to call an ambulance.

I did black out from blood loss for a couple of minutes, but I made it to the hospital in good shape. The doctors were amazed that the wounds were as minimal as they were. I did need to have fluids pumped in me, but I didn’t need surgery or stitches at all. No vital organs were hit as he only got the back muscle which was why I bled so much, and I was released from the hospital 24 hours later. Krav works and it works well. I only wish that I had gotten more knife defense.

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  1. samantha

    Well it’s about time people who deliberately look for trouble get their asses handed to them I was attacked.once (I’m a second Dan in taekwondo) and was lucky enough to get myself through it advice I always.say never underestimate any violent situation u can’t be to careful

  2. Jenna

    Samantha, what’s your story? What happened and what techniques did you use on your attacker to disable him?


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