Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is a respected high-level firearm and counter-terror instructor at security contractor firms throughout Israel. Kfir is a certified shooting instructor from the Ministry of the Interior of Israel with extensive experience teaching and training shooting and counter-terrorism units. He was a Combat, Anti-Terror, Krav Maga, and Shooting Instructor for the Israeli Military Industry. He also served as a shooting and CQC instructor for the Sky Marshals and Border Control for the Israel Airport Authority and was the Department Head of Le’Chima Be’Terror (anti-terror warfare department of the Lotar IDF school of special counter-terrorism). He is on Reserve with the IDF Lotar Eilat (counter-terrorism and hostage unit reserves force) and serves as an anti-terror, CQC, and hostage response instructor.

To whom it may concern:

Mr. Kfir Cohen is currently part of the training personnel at IMI Counter Terror Academy.
IMI Academy for Advanced Security & Anti-Terror Training is a leading integrated solutions provider for government agencies, police, law enforcement, military and commercial customers worldwide.

Established in 1999 by veterans of the Israeli security forces, IMI Academy specializes in a wide range of comprehensive security training programs, including anti-terrorism, anti-crime, and homeland security. It is a subsidiary of Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI), a government-owned company.

Mr. Cohen is currently in charge of our Northern Training Department, and his responsibility is the management of the entire operation.

As a Senior Counter-Terror and Krav Maga (Self Defense) instructor, Mr. Cohen combines the unique sets of skills and knowledge that are hard to find in one individual. This and his knowledge of the critical infrastructure security and counter terror fields made Mr. Cohen a valuable, indispensable and singular individual in our academy.

Ami Maor
President and CEO of IMI Academy


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