Danny Zelig

Danny Zelig is a premier self defense expert and instructor. He is a 2nd generation Israeli Krav Maga instructor of Imi Lichtenfeld, certified directly by Imi’s most senior disciple and Head of the Rank Committee. He has been practicing and … Continued

Alexandra Lowe

Alexandra is Graduate-level certified Krav Maga instructor and is the Site Director of KMI Oakland. She holds a B.S. in exercise physiology with a minor in nutrition, and is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist. Alexandra’s combined experience as a personal … Continued

Rose Valentine

A bay area native, Rose joined KMI in 2011. She became instantly hooked and began training extensively under Danny Zelig, Jeremy Brown, and Deanna Perez. After testing up to P4 she then continued training in Krav Maga until she had … Continued

Flavio Meier

Flavio Meier is a three-time World champion and two-time Pan American champion who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Flavio started martial arts very early in life: First Judo at age 6, then Tae KwonDo at 10 … Continued

Adolfo Garcia

Adolfo “Fito” Garcia has been practicing Krav Maga for years out of the San Francisco Tactica Krav Maga Institute studio, and progressed all the way through the ranks to Krav Maga Instructor Certification in Santa Clara. Outside of Krav Maga, … Continued

Cal Garbini

Cal is a Graduate Level certified Krav Maga instructor, training under Danny Zelig, Tamir Gilad, and Avi Moyal (IKMF). He has been a Krav Maga practitioner for over 6 years. At a young age, Cal became interested in martial arts, … Continued

Carl Schneider

Carl is a life-long endurance athlete with over 17 years doing forensic psychiatric social work and homeless outreach in Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, and Oakland. He worked closely with law enforcement engaging substance dependent adults in communities afflicted by … Continued

Christopher Martinez

Chris M. has been a student at Tactica – Krav Maga Institute since 2013, where he studied weight training with kettlebell instructor Chris Brown. In 2015 Chris completed the Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC) instructor certification course co-taught by Denis Vasilev. … Continued

Deanna Perez

Deanna has pursued top training in Krav Maga for many years after instantly falling in love with the philosophy, simplicity, and practicality of Krav Maga under the instruction of Danny Zelig. Deanna also studied directly from Eyal Yanilov (KMG), Tamir … Continued

Dennis Ren

Dennis graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Biology and Theater. While searching for a practical system of self defense, he was drawn to krav maga. Dennis has been actively training in krav maga under Danny Zelig since March of … Continued

Guillermo Martinez

William has been training in Krav Maga for over 7 years. He has earned his KMI Instructor’s Certification under the tutelage of Danny Zelig, Opher Har-El, Jeremy Brown, Deanna Perez and Cal Garbini. He has also trained in the Filipino … Continued

Jacob Ehrlich

Krav Maga instructor Jacob Ehrlich is a firm believer in Krav Maga’s evidence- and reality-based approach to self-defense. Having trained extensively under Danny Zelig, Gaby Gliksman, Jeremy Brown, and Deanna Perez, Jacob teaches Krav Maga classes and is honored to … Continued

James C. Roberts

James is a graduate level instructor. James is proud to have studied under Danny Zelig since he founded his first gym in 2006. James caries a Graduate Level 3 rank and has trained in Haifa, Israel with Tamir Gilad. James … Continued

Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is a respected high level firearms and counter terror instructor at security contractor firms throughout Israel. Kfir is a certified shooting instructor from the Ministry of the Interior of Israel with extensive experience teaching and training shooting and … Continued

Marylee Farnsworth

Marylee began training in Krav Maga and boxing under Danny Zelig in 2009. She loves the practicality and efficiency of Krav Maga as a self-defense system and the intense workouts the Krav Maga Institute provides. Marylee has a Bachelor’s degree … Continued

Micha Hershman

Micha is a graduate-level certified Krav Maga instructor with a passion for practical, simple and no-nonsense self-defense solutions. He is available for private and group training sessions (fitness or Krav Maga) at our San Francisco location.

Nina Shirazi

Nina is one of the few high rank female Krav Maga Instructors in the United States to be certified by the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF). Nina earned a B.A. degree and a M.A. degree in Psychology, and became a … Continued

Opher Har-El

Opher Har-El has over 30 years of experience in Krav Maga, after beginning his training in 1983 under Eli Avikazar in Netanya, Israel. He continued his training throughout his extensive military service in the Israel Defense Forces. Opher’s experience of … Continued

Randall Chuong

Randall is a licensed paramedic with a passion for self-defense. He grew up in the Bay Area and experienced first hand the unfortunate risks that living in a big city can bring. Randall began training in Krav Maga a few … Continued

Sam Mazaheri

Sam has over 10 years of martial arts experience and began practicing Krav Maga in 2015. He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has trained in Eskrima, Hapkido, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Sam became interested in Krav Maga after … Continued

Thomas Wai

Thomas appreciates and enjoys the practicality, simplicity, and effectiveness of Krav Maga and has been a Krav Maga practitioner for over 5 years. Thomas previously trained in other martial arts, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, and brings this … Continued

Travis Grusecki

Travis has been part of the Tactica Krav Maga Instructor family since 2015, and has dedicated himself to improving technique and instructor skill. Travis enjoys the simplicity and directness of the Krav Maga approach and leads Krav Maga and Fitness … Continued

Aaron Nagel

Aaron is a professional figurative oil painter who spends his time outside of the studio in the gym. With over 10 years experience, he specializes in optimizing performance, body composition, and overall fitness. His methods include a broad mix of … Continued

Brian Wang

Brian Wang is a full time firearms and armed self-defense instructor who resides in the San Francisco bay area. He offers students not only a high degree of technical expertise in weapons handling, but also a decade of professional experience in … Continued

Bruno Escalante

Bruno Escalante was born in Cebu, Philippines and raised in Hawaii. He started competing in 2003 as an amateur in Hawaii then moved to California in 2009 to make the jump to professional boxing. He began his professional boxing career … Continued

Christian Luxton

Christian is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Sergio Silva and has been training since 2006. Prior to his BJJ training, Christian studied several systems of Chinese Kung Fu including Wing Chun and Tai Chi. He has also … Continued

Emily Foxton

Emily is a life long endurance athlete, and former professional cyclist, with a passion for training and exercise that expanded to Krav Maga. Emily works as a physical therapist and earned her doctorate of physical therapy from Samuel Merritt University. … Continued

Jennifer Nelson, DC

Jennifer Nelson, DC graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in March 2016 after receiving her bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in Biology. Prior to attending chiropractic school, Jen spent four years training as a physical therapy aid … Continued

Kendra Katz

Kendra Katz is a Certified Personal Trainer who brings a whole body approach to her work with curvy women, dancers, and people suffering from injuries. Her mission is to help you have fun while achieving your goals whether they are … Continued

Martin Frigaard

Martin Frigaard earned a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and M.A. in Kinesiology from California State University, Chico.  He instructed university-level courses on exercise science and principles of strength and conditioning. Martin has taught dozens of students the foundations for safe … Continued

Mikey Gonzalez

Mikey Gonzalez, A.K.A “Mikey Rolls” is a San Jose Native who represents the city perfectly, and is a stand-out in the martial arts community. Mikey’s background in Competitive Mixed Martial Arts lands itself well to teaching people of various backgrounds to … Continued

Timea Vermes

Timea has been part of the Santa Clara yoga community for over 7 years now, first as a student then as a teacher.  Spending time “on the mat” is just like brushing teeth, part of her daily routine. After finishing her … Continued