Knife fighting

A knife can be a very effective weapon and is available everywhere: the home, at shops and restaurants, carried by those around us. It’s also a tool that many people have used repeatedly throughout their lives. Due to its availability and familiarity, we must not make assumptions about our capabilities with a knife as a weapon.
Using a knife as a self-defense tool, being cut or cutting someone else can have great physical and psychological impact on most of us. There is quite a difference between threatening with a knife and actually using it on another person. As always, in the media (movies, TV, online) you will see sexy movement that we all would like to be able to execute. Reality is different. We do not operate like that under stress. We need simplicity to make it easy for our brain and body. The longer and more complicated the moves are, the higher the chance to make mistakes.So, should I use a knife in order to defend myself against an assailant? Yes
If the assailant has a knife I’d rather use something longer, stronger and more powerful. But if I am being attacked with a knife and the only weapon that I have is a knife, I definitely should use it. Home invasion and other scenarios, a knife can be a great tool for self-defense. How?


Few basic tips:

  1. While fighting with a knife keep it away from your head and face.
  2. Do not try to follow the knife movements of the assailant with your eyes – Use your peripheral vision.
  3. The knife is not your only weapon, use your hand, legs and more during the fight.
  4. Be determined and aggressive focusing in your goal which is to prevail, survive and stop your opponent.
  5. Accept the fact that you might get hurt during the fight and don’t let it stop you.

Obviously, there are more things we can learn, train and do. Check out our upcoming knife fighting seminar.



Stay safe out there.

-Danny Zelig





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