Tactica's Professional Training Division provides onsite team tactical training, hosted either at the customer's facilities or at our locations in San Francisco and Santa Clara. Available courses include tactical, defense training opportunities, hand to hand combat, and CQB/CQC. On-Site Corporate Wellness Training is also available. The following courses are available on request. Tailored and specialized training programs can be requested to fulfill specific customer requirements. Please contact us for additional information, and see our Applied Tactics Events calendar to see the currently scheduled courses.

Hand to Hand Combat

Krav Maga (meaning "contact combat") is the close quarters combat system used by the Israel Defense Forces. Created and continually refined to be an efficient and effective combat system, with a focus on maximizing retention to enable instinctual reactions under high stress situations, while also minimizing the training time to effect fast results. With extensive real world experience in the field, as well as decades of experience training the various divisions in the US and Israel, KMI's Applied Tactics Division offers specialized training customized for the particular needs of each branch, unit, and department.

Control, Arrest, and Lead

During this course, we cover effective hand control, holds, and leverage techniques, as well as rapid application of handcuffs and zip cuffs.

Eligibility: Law Enforcement
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 3 hours

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Military Krav Maga

In this seminar focusing on Military Krav Maga, we will train mental and physical preparation for soldiers. This includes specialized combatives, problem solving under stress, and working under different conditions and environments. The mentality of Military Krav Maga is very different from the civilian form. This course is only taught by certified Israeli Military Krav […]

Eligibility: Military
Prerequisites: None
Duration: Variable

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CQC/CQB/Tactical Shooting

Tactica's Professional Training Division provides armed Close Quarters Combat/Close Quarters Battle and Tactical Shooting training directly from active professionals and combat veterans. Our force-on-force courses are offered in at our locations with configurable structures. We have a full selection of non-live fire MilSim weapons for use during these courses. The courses can also be adapted to be held at your facility.

Armed Intruder Response

Blending the best of Krav Maga and Tactical Shooting, as well as life saving philosophy, this course provides a strong foundation for safe and effective response to Armed Intruders in your home, school, or place of business. Prepare for one of the most dangerous criminal scenarios, the Armed Intruder, during this one day hands-on course. […]

Eligibility: Open To All
Prerequisites: None (Basic Pistol Safety Knowledge a benefit)
Duration: 1 day (8:30am-5:30pm)

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