IMG_4160The Krav Maga military program is designed to teach military personnel the most effective offensive and defensive techniques. Military personnel have a different mission and responsibility than law enforcement or other government agencies on the way they must operate. While the law enforcement program focuses more on keeping the peace and controlling a situation, military personnel face situations that are more likely to have lethal consequences. The military Krav Maga program at Krav Maga Institute is focused on the end game where a life always hangs in the balance. The Krav Maga military program teaches techniques and tactics for a soldier to survive when confronted with a lethal situation.

IMG_4161KMI’s program is a specialized curriculum, which physically & mentally prepares soldiers to endure various stages, levels and durations of attacks. Our military program consists of the most direct, quick and effective methods to neutralize any threat. Our functional conditioning and Krav Maga training are uniquely paired to create the important muscle memory for soldiers to instinctively respond to any type of threat. To enhance the level of training we create scenario based physical and mental stressors for military personnel to persevere in hostile situations. KMI’s program and instructors understand the seriousness of the military mission because they come from the military with significant real world experience. Simply, KMI’s culture and curriculum are from the source, not diluted, and combat proven.