React vs Gun & Rifle Seminar (SC)

Sun March 10, 2024

Crime statistics show a disturbing rise in gun-related incidents, making it crucial for individuals to be prepared. Our workshop is specifically designed to provide life saving skills to help diffuse and react to gun and rifle threats. Based on the highly effective Krav Maga technique, our program focuses on practical, real-world scenarios, ensuring that you […]

Stick vs Stick

Sat March 16, 2024

Advance your skills with our Krav Maga stick fighting seminar in San Francisco, led by Danny Zelig and Micha Hershman. The material in the seminar covers common long range blunt weapons such as baseball bats, crowbars, tire irons, and more. In this seminar, we will be training on how to defend and attack efficiently and […]

Adrenaline: Advanced Stress

Sat April 06, 2024

No beginners allowed. This is an advanced stress scenario workshop for experienced students (P2+ or with instructor permission). Full gear is required. Explore your limits in this intense 2 hour seminar with Danny Zelig.

Escape: Anti-Kidnapping Seminar (SC)

Sat June 08, 2024

The thought being taken against our will is a nightmare scenario that no one wants to experience. Even if kidnappings are rare in the Bay Area, this terrifying scenario is a real risk in popular tourist locations. We train at Tactica to help us prepare for the worst. This is why it is crucial to […]