Our Tactikids self-defense training for children helps our young loved ones learn how to protect themselves from danger. It teaches them important skills like being aware of their surroundings, trusting their instincts, and knowing when to ask for help. They also learn physical techniques to escape from harm, like how to block, kick, or punch. […]


ITPS (Israeli Tactical Point Shooting) is a programmed method of weapons deployment that has been very successful in Israel for the last few decades. It is designed for close-quarter action and teaches the shooter to draw, cock, and shoot a violent offender in one second or less under extreme stress. Trainees will learn fundamentals of […]


One hour of technical training in Western boxing, starting with basic work and moving into advanced drills of striking combinations, footwork, and sparring (by choice). No experience is necessary. Required equipment: Boxing gloves, mouth guard, head guard.