Functional Mobility Classes Begin in Santa Clara!

Do you wish you had a little bit more flexibility when you’re out on the mat? Do you suffer from aches and pains and muscle tightness? We know you do. That is why Functional Mobility classes are here!

Starting in October at Tactica Santa Clara HQ, the extremely talented Shyam Soin will lead a 40 minute morning session (before noon classes begin). This class is geared towards helping improve mobility by combining techniques that emphasize optimal joint positioning, proper diagphragmatic breathing and joint stability. Get your stretch on and become a better fighter and athlete!

Location: Tactica Santa Clara HQ, 1030 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara CA 95054

Class Schedule: Mondays and Thursdays 11:00 AM – 11:40 AM

First class: Monday October 3 @ 11:00 AM

Date: Mon October 03, 2016
Time: 11:00 - 11:40 AM
Location: KMI Santa Clara,