Krav Maga 101

Don’t miss Krav Maga 101 with Tactica CEO and Head Instructor, Danny Zelig!


Learn all about Krav Maga with Danny in 2022!

Curious about Krav Maga? Always wondered about its history and evolution? In this 2-hour seminar, Danny Zelig, a 30 year veteran of Krav Maga, will cover the history, origin, and philosophy of this exciting modern close combat and self defense system as well as the Krav Maga mindset/approach to self defense. He will also teach techniques that will demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of Krav Maga as a means of self defense.

Participants will get to train and experience a range of techniques (some that are usually reserved for advanced level training)… All for only $50! Perfect for friends and family.

EXCLUSIVE deal: If you sign up for a Tactica membership after attending the Krav Maga 101 seminar, we will refund your $50 seminar payment!

*Limited to 20 participants

*Proof of COVID19 vaccine required to attend

No Refunds

Date: Sun January 16, 2022
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Location: KMI Santa Clara,
  • Danny Zelig

    Danny Zelig is a premier self defense expert and instructor. He is a 2nd generation Israeli Krav Maga instructor of Imi Lichtenfeld, certified directly by Imi’s most senior disciple and Head of the Rank Committee. He has been practicing and teaching Krav Maga to civilians, military, and law enforcement since 1983. Danny began his lifelong […]