Kicks! Improve your Kick technique

This four-week class builds strength and hip flexibility by identifying inefficient movement patterns and restructuring muscle chains to improve kick technique.

You will learn:
1. How basic hip anatomy & hip mechanics relate directly to kick technique.
2. The Daily Dozen 10-minute hip strength & flexibility warm-up.
3. Specific muscle release exercises to combat hip tightness.
4. How body awareness will help you master Krav Maga tactics.

Nicole Lancie is a Classical Pilates teacher who mentors those who want to teach Pilates. She translates the physical
knowledge of Contrology, now called Classical Pilates, to help clients improve their athletic endeavors and everyday
activities to stay healthy and strong without pain. She’s a P2 Krav Maga practitioner.


“Contrology is gaining mastery of your mind over the complete control of your body.” -Joseph Pilates, an inventor, boxer, gymnast



Date: Sat May 05, 2018 - Sat May 26, 2018
Time: 10am - 11am
Location: KMI San Francisco, 539 Gough Street, San Francisco,Ca 94102|37.77843439999999,-122.42369789999998