Tactical Pistol Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

Kfir is back to instruct and refresh in the Israeli style of tactical pistol shooting, using our state of the art facilities and MilSim replica firearms. This course will be open to all experience levels, although basic firearms knowledge is helpful. All gear necessary for the course will be provided to you, so please do not bring your own weapon or ammo to the training facility!

The style used in this course is ירי מבצעי yeri mivtsahi, meaning simply “operational shooting,” is also sometimes called Israeli Tactical Point Shooting, Israeli Point Shooting, or Israeli Combat Shooting. This method of tactical point shooting is regarded as an efficient response and incorporates all necessary progressive battlefield thinking, molded into a set of instinctive actions and reactions. It is different from other combat techniques, and is based on actual performance.  is practiced and perfected during daily performance by its core users in Israel and abroad.

10% Discount available to those who register for all of the seminars in Kfir Cohen’s January 2017 series – please email us before registering to apply this discount at the time of purchase.

* All participants must complete a one-time criminal background check prior to the scheduled event, subject to processing fee. Please contact Tactica staff for more details.

Date: Sun January 22, 2017
Time: 11AM - 2PM
Location: KMI Santa Clara,
  • Kfir Cohen

    Kfir Cohen is a respected high-level firearm and counter-terror instructor at security contractor firms throughout Israel. Kfir is a certified shooting instructor from the Ministry of the Interior of Israel with extensive experience teaching and training shooting and counter-terrorism units. He was a Combat, Anti-Terror, Krav Maga, and Shooting Instructor for the Israeli Military Industry. […]