A new program developed with Griffin Fitness, SPEC is Specialized Programs for Exercise and Combat. Designed specifically with fighters in mind. This course is appropriate for those who have already been training and are looking to get that extra edge in their overall fitness. Stepping beyond the standard cardio classes, this class focuses on bursting […]

Combat Cardio

Created by Danny Zelig, Combat Cardio takes a functional approach to cardio training by combining strikes and basic training drills. Students strike heavy bags using combative strikes and realistic combinations to get a solid workout as well as reinforce combative techniques taught in the regular Krav Maga classes. No martial arts experience is required and […]


One hour of technical training in Western boxing, starting with basic work and moving into advanced drills of striking combinations, footwork, and sparring (by choice). No experience is necessary. Required equipment: Boxing gloves, mouth guard, head guard.