Applied Tactical Shooting (ATS)


This monthly program delivers a series of 2½ hour, non-live fire Applied Tactical Shooting (ATS) courses which present and exercise tactical shooting skills, tactics, techniques, and mindset.  As a consistent ongoing series, students will be able to learn new skills as well as maintain and hone existing ones. The program is appropriate for any level of shooter, from the complete novice to the experienced operator.

See the full ATS course description in our Applied Tactics training course catalog.


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  • IMG_20160514_133548797_TOP Jeff Brown

    Jeff is a life-long martial artist, athlete and shooter, beginning with Judo and wrestling and more recently Brazilian Jiu-Jitusu, Muay Thai and MMA. Recognizing practicality and efficiency of Krav Maga, he began training under Opher Har-El in 2006, and Danny Zelig and … Continued