Israeli Tactical Point Shooting (ITPS) Rifle 1-2

Kfir Cohen returns in January for a series of Israeli Tactical Point Shooting training:

ITPS Pistol Series

  • ITPS Pistol 1 – Saturday January 16
  • ITPS Pistol 2 – Sunday January 17
  • ITPS Pistol 3 – Monday January 18

ITPS Rifle Series

  • ITPS Rifle 1 – Saturday January 23
  • ITPS Rifle 2 – Sunday January 24

Email us at for waitlist.

Don’t miss additional non-live fire and hand to hand training with Kfir in January.

Kfir is also available for private lessons. Contact us for more info.

ITPS is the Israeli method of Tactical Point Shooting. ITPS is the shooting style of all armed branches of the Israeli military and security forces, including the respected Yamam (special counter-terrorism unit), Shin-Bet (security service unit), elite IDF units including the Lotar Eilat, Israeli National Police, and other intelligence and counter terrorism units.

ITPS is regarded as a tactical response and incorporates all necessary progressive battlefield tactical thinking molded into a set of instinctive actions and reactions. It is different from other combat techniques and is based on actual performance. ITPS is practiced and perfected during daily performance by its core users.

For attendees, you must bring:

  • Gun and ammo (200 rounds per day)
  • 2-4 magazines
  • Holster and magazine pouch
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Hat, long sleeves, no low cut tops, sun protection
  • Snacks, light lunch
  • Optional: knee pads, speed loader



  • Firearm safety
  • Firearm operation and safe handling
  • Basic stance
  • Static shooting from different distances
  • Dry/Live training


  • Reinforce ITPS 1
  • Dealing with malfunctions
  • Speed reloads
  • Dynamic shooting and targeting with movement (basic)
  • Functioning under stress
  • Rapid fire (basic)


  • Reinforce ITPS 1 & 2
  • Dynamic shooting and targeting with movement (advanced)
  • Decision making under stress
  • Rapid fire (advanced)
  • Complicated scenarios and problem solving under stress




ITPS Pistol 1
Sat Jan 16
ITPS Pistol 2
Sun Jan 17
ITPS Pistol 3
Mon Jan 18
ITPS Rifle 1
Sat Jan 23
ITPS Rifle 2
Sun Jan 24
 Single Day ($275) Single Day ($275) Single Day ($275)  Single Day ($275) Single Day ($275)
ITPS Pistol 1-3 ($700) ITPS Rifle 1-2 ($500)
ITPS Pistol 1-3 & ITPS Rifle 1-2 ($1000)


  • Previous ITPS Pistol attendees: $200 per day to repeat ITPS Pistol 1/2/3 (Contact us to confirm eligibility and to register with this discount)
  • Free ITPS Pistol 1/2/3 for Certified IzDan ITPS Pistol Instructors (Contact us to confirm eligibility and to register with this discount)

Photos from this event:

IMG_6226 copy.jpg IMG_6184 copy.jpg IMG_6237 copy.jpg IMG_6180 copy.jpg IMG_6254 copy.jpg IMG_6250 copy.jpg IMG_6342 copy.jpg IMG_6347 copy.jpg IMG_6370 copy.jpg IMG_6372 copy.jpg IMG_6330 copy.jpg IMG_6400 copy.jpg IMG_6423 copy.jpg IMG_6442 copy.jpg IMG_6446 copy.jpg IMG_6425 copy.jpg IMG_6454 copy.jpg IMG_6431 copy.jpg

Date: Sat January 23, 2016 - Sun January 24, 2016
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: 1875 Twin Sisters Road, Fairfield, CA 94534, USA
  • Kfir Cohen

    Kfir Cohen is a respected high-level firearm and counter-terror instructor at security contractor firms throughout Israel. Kfir is a certified shooting instructor from the Ministry of the Interior of Israel with extensive experience teaching and training shooting and counter-terrorism units. … Continued

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