Close Quarters Battle 1 (CQB1)


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This one day, non live fire course introduces and develops the core fundamentals, principles and mindset needed in Close Quarters Battle (CQB). You will learn and practice armed movement in, around, and through structures, emphasizing the principles of CQB – high precision application of force delivered with maximum speed, surprise, and violence of action. The course is presented by members of our cadre: unique, multi-deployment experienced Operators from the US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC).

IMG_3998CQB1 focuses on individual and 2 person teams – analogous to a husband and wife team responding to a Home Invasion scenario, 2 business partners protecting their place of business, time critical active shooter response, or Patrol Officers making high risk entries and clears.

Training is conducted in a state of the art simulation environment (shoot house), maximizing realism and learning using:

  • Our modular, reconfigurable, and environment-controlled simulation house,
  • Professional grade MilSim (non-live fire)  firearms
  • 3D Reactive Targets, and Role Players in Full contact Blauer High Gear dynamic training suits
  • After Action Reviews using the facility’s 16 night/day video system

By teaching proven methods, coupled with real world scenarios, this class will challenge you via the dynamic, stressful 360 degree / 3D envelope of the Shoothouse to develop the mindset, tactics and skills to take your capabilities to the next level and equip you to be physically and mentally prepared for close quarter combat scenarios.

Click here for a full description of the course, additional links and information, including list of the Equipment Provided, Recommended Equipment, and Prerequisites.

SOLD OUT! Tactical Home Defense 1 is also available the same weekend. Discounts are available when signing up for both events, and when signing up as a couple or group. Contact us to take advantage of the discount. FAQs for both courses.

Date: Sun April 06, 2014
Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Location: KMI Santa Clara, 1030 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA|37.378179,-121.95247499999999

First of all thank you for putting this together. The class was simply incredible. Both the MARSOC guys were great teachers and took care to make sure we received the highest quality instruction. They clearly are some of the best at what they do. I feel confident that I have a strong grasp on the core fundamentals for dynamic CQB encounters.


I have already recommended program to many of my co-workers and friends. It's not paranoia, the world is getting uglier all the time. If a person does not take the initiative to train themselves, no one's fault but their own.

Rick K

Overall, I loved the training and I would recommended to anyone. The instructors were phenomenal. They keep everyone engaged the entire time. Great interactive class. I give it an A++++.

Great course all the way around. Having an actual shoot house makes it as real as possible. Instructors were very knowledgeable.

Jake and Rick were fantastic. They have a great knowledge of guns and gun safety. Again, They keep the class very engaged and interesting. They were very patience with people like myself which have limited experience with guns.