Tactica October Newsletter!

We’ve got a few exciting announcements for you: 
1. Schedule Changes & Updates as of 10/1
2. Promotional Testing Resumes in 2022!
3. NEW! In-Person Women’s Self Defense Workshops
4. NEW! Krav Maga Seminars
5. Kids’ BJJ

1. Schedule Changes & Updates
Guess what?! We’ve expanded the Santa Clara training schedule! Whether you are into Krav Maga or BJJ, we’ve got you covered! All changes are effective as of today (10/1/21). Please read below for details:

Tactica Santa Clara HQ:
Mon/Wed Gi BJJ class is now 5:30-7:00pm (instead of 6:00-7:30pm)
NEW! Gi BJJ Class Mon & Wed from 12:00-1:00pm
NEW! Krav Maga Full Combat (P2+) Class on Saturdays from 12:00-1:00pm

Click here to view Santa Clara Online Schedule

Tactica San Francisco:
Reminder: Wednesday classes now start at 6:00pm (KM P1-2) and 7:00pm (KM P3+)
Kids’ BJJ on Tues & Thurs from 4:30-5:15pm

Click here to check out Tactica SF online class schedule 
2. Promotional Testing Resumes in 2022! 
You have been patiently waiting and the time is finally here! We are so excited to announce that Krav Maga promotional level testing resumes in January of 2022! 

At Tactica, we believe in dedication, ambition and discipline. You have been training hard in preparation for this — It’s time to take your training to the next level…literally! Whether you are a brand new student, OG or someone who is considering training with Tactica, you’ve got time to prepare! So, you better start training 😉

 Promotional Testing Protocol:

In order to qualify for a promotional test with Tactica, you must:
Complete at least 35 classes at your current rank (i.e. P1 classes if you are taking the P1 test, etc)**Remember to sign in for every class you take, so that you get credit toward testing!**
Get your instructor’s approval to test
Sign up on the Promotional Testing sign-up sheet in Santa Clara or SF
Testing fee is $120. Testers must wear a Tactica shirt and bring: indoor and outdoor training shoes, change of clothes, water, snacks and protective gear.

All promotional tests begin at 1:00pm sharp. P1 tests run 1-6pm and P2-P5 tests run 1-4pm. 

Once you pass your test, you will receive a beautiful certificate officially certifying your rank and get access to the next level’s classes (for example: if I pass the P1 test, I can now take P2 classes and Full Combat). If you have any questions about promotional testing, send us an email 🙂

 Want to plan ahead? Check out the testing calendar below:

3. NEW In-Person Women’s Self Defense Seminars

That’s right, our incredibly popular in-person women’s self defense seminars return this December! These events tend to sell out quickly, so make sure to save your spot now! All experience levels are welcome to attend. These seminars make a great gift for family, friends and loved ones.
Each seminar will focus on a different scenario and context to set a framework for the training, but the material and philosophy learned in each seminar will apply to many environments and situations. Simply put: you will learn practical self defense techniques that you can apply in various scenarios in your everyday life.
Train in techniques to defend yourself in various scenarios using Krav Maga. Taught by Tactica CEO and Head Instructor Danny Zelig, these popular seminars are “don’t miss” events!
Check out the seminar schedule and sign up by clicking the links below:

Dec. 4 – REACT (Defending Against Unexpected Threats) – SF

Jan. 08 – Home Invasion (Prevention & Defense) – Santa Clara

Feb. 05 – On the Ground (Dealing with Ground Scenarios) – SF

The price to attend each seminar is $60…
BUT you get 10% off if you purchase all 3!

Click here to purchase 3-day bundle for 10% off

4. NEW Krav Maga Seminars 

We’ve added a bunch of exciting new Krav Maga seminars to the Tactica calendar, just for you! These seminars are open to the public and there is no experience required. In fact, we encourage all experience levels to attend!

Please click on the event title to register for individual events.

First up, Krav Maga 101 with Danny:
 Krav Maga 101
When? Jan. 16, 2022
What Time? 11a-1p
Where? Tactica Santa Clara HQ (1171 Homestead Rd, ste 125, Santa Clara)
How Much? $50

 Curious about Krav Maga? Always wondered about its history and evolution? In this 2-hour seminar, Danny Zelig, a 30 year veteran of Krav Maga, will cover the history, origin, and philosophy of this exciting modern close combat and self defense system as well as the Krav Maga mindset/approach to self defense. He will also teach techniques that will demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of Krav Maga as a means of self defense.
EXCLUSIVE deal: If you sign up for a Tactica membership after attending the Krav Maga 101 seminar, we will refund your $50 seminar payment!

 Stick & Flashlight Fighting Skills for Self Defense
When? Jan. 22, 2022
What time? 12p-2p
Where? Tactica SF (539 Gough St, SF)
How Much? $75 per seminar (or sign up for 3+ and get 10% off)

 In this seminar, participants will train on how to defend and attack efficiently, using sticks  (any common long-range, blunt weapon) and flashlights to quickly disable and disarm the attacker, so that you can protect yourself and survive a dangerous encounter. Learn the effectiveness of sticks and flashlights as self defense implements and learn how to defend against potentially devastating attacks. 

Knife Threats & Attacks
When? Feb. 26, 2022
What time? 12p-2p
Where? Tactica Santa Clara HQ (1171 Homestead Rd, ste 125, Santa Clara)
How much? $75 per seminar (or sign up for 3+ and get 10% off)

 Movies are great at making knife fights look cool – But that is the product of detailed choreography and hours of practice. In the real world, though, knife attacks are fast, mean, and all too often… they are deadly. Learn the harsh realities of a knife threats and attacks from lead Krav Maga instructor Danny Zelig in Santa Clara, and learn to effectively defend yourself in these high-stakes scenarios.

 Gun Threats
When? March 19, 2022
What time? 12p-2p
Where? Tactica SF (539 Gough St, SF)
How Much? $75 per seminar (or sign up for 3+ and get 10% off)

In this 2-hour Krav Maga seminar, participants will focus on and train in defending against a variety of gun threats. Learn  life-saving techniques for civilians and professionals who encounter guns in the field.

 Home Invasion Seminar
When? April 23, 2022
What time? 12p-2p
Where? Tactica Santa Clara HQ (1171 Homestead Rd, ste 125, Santa Clara)

How Much? $75 per seminar (or sign up for 3+ and get 10% off)
 Given the events of the past couple of years, the average American is finding themselves spending more and more time at home, vulnerable to a home invasion scenario.During this 2-hour seminar with Tactica owner and Head Instructor Danny Zelig, you will learn how to prepare for a violent intruder entering your home. The Home Invasion self defense seminar focuses on unarmed response (Krav Maga) against one or more armed or unarmed intruders.
 Click here to sign up for 3+ seminars for 10% off!
5. Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
When? Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30-5:15 in Santa Clara and Tuesdays and Thursdays in SF (Starting 9/13 & 9/14)!
Where? Tactica Clara HQ (1171 Homestead Rd., ste 125) & Tactica San Francisco (539 Gough St.)
Who? BJJ Program Director Flavio Meier will lead classes in Santa Clara and Rodrigo Lima will lead classes in SF 

Our Tactica Kids Program reinforces situational awareness, self-confidence, self-defense and emotional intelligence to prepare them to face all of life’s challenges. Our varied curriculum will expose the kids to elements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, while playing and having fun!

We will focus on:
Physical skills: Coordination, agility, balance, strength.
Social/Emotional skills: Focus, attention to detail, emotional intelligence, situational awareness and verbal awareness

If you have any questions, please email us at info@tactica.training and we will gladly help out as soon as we can!

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